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Albuquerque Windshield Repair – Chips and Cracks

Windshield repair in Albuquerque and New Mexico, meaning windshield crack repair, instead of windshield replacement is way to fix a windshield that is cost effective and yet still a safe reliable remedy to the problem. Auto Glass Technologies is able to repair the following chips and cracks:

  • Chips (those star shaped dings on a windshield) size of fifty cent piece or smaller
  • Cracks under the size of the length of a dollar bill (larger sizes can be filled, but repair will be visible) For cracks larger than 6 six inches a windshield replacement is recommended


Mobile Cracked Windshield Repair in Albuquerque – We come to you at no extra charge. There is of course a charge for the repair, but no charge for us to come to you to complete the repair. Call 505-322-2947 to set up an appointment for our mobile repair service or visit us at any of our 6 Mr. Car Wash locations during regular business hours.

Why everyone should get a Windshield Crack or Chip Repaired in Albuquerque

Fixing a chip or crack is smart because it keeps it from moving past the original damaged section, it makes the windshield appear less unsightly or bad and it keeps an owner from paying the deductible to their insurance company to replace the windshield or from having to pay out of pocket to have windshield replaced if insurance does pay for it. The Albuquerque chip and crack windshield repair service offered by Auto Glass Technologies does not make either type of damage visually disappear. The primary reason for windshield crack and chip repair is to prevent it from expanding out, which does make the windshield unsightly and potentially dangerous.

Auto Glass Technologies Albuquerque Windshield Crack and Chip Repair Goal – When completing your windshield repair our primary goal is to do everything we possibly can to fill in each chip or crack so that the damage stops spreading.

Albuquerque Windshield Crack and Chip Repair – Saving Money and Solving a Problem

Auto owners with full auto insurance coverage that covers both collision and comprehensive find that insurance companies quite often will not charge the deductible for chip and crack repairs if it is under a certain size or smaller. Albuquerque car and truck owners with windshield damage, either crack or chips that want to pay for the repair out of pocket instead of involving their insurance company can always come to us here at Auto Glass Technologies to do the job. We accept cash, check, debit or credit card. The first chip or crack repair is $35 and every repair thereafter is an extra $10 each.

Lifetime Auto Glass Technologies Windshield Repair Warranty

Auto Glass Technologies windshield chip and crack repairs are warrantied for life. We will give auto car or truck owners that paid for the repairs themselves credit towards a windshield replacement (the windshield replacement has to be done with Auto Glass Technologies. If your windshield repair fails and it was paid for by your insurance company we will give you credit for the cost of the paid repair towards the purchase of a new windshield.

Call 505-322-2947 to Set an Appointment for our Mobile Windshield
Repair Or Visit any One of our 6 Mr. Car Wash Locations
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